URPP DynAge Research Colloquium

Program Spring 2018

Language: English

When: Tuesdays, 14:30 – 16:00

Where: AND 4.55/4.57

Note: *Easter Holiday: March 29th - April 7th






Candidate Talks


Hannah Süss /

Jasmine Willi

Psychobiology of perimenopausal transition – Study design
13.03. Jessica Oschwald The effect of multilingualism on changes in brain structure and executive functions in healthy older adults

Elena Gardini

Estrogen receptor genes methylation in the women 40+ aging study: Background, methods and preliminary results
27.03.* Shauna McGee Assessing adult psychological adjustment in survivors of childhood institutional abuse in Ireland - A project plan
10.04. Stefanie Lindner Measuring Big Five daily behaviors in older adults
17.04. Mona Neysari

Couples' verbal communication: From lab to "real-life"

24.04. Tabea Meier Capturing healthy aging through natural language: Insights into the narrative-based online study on healthy aging
08.05. Walter Bierbauer Health behaviour change in cardiovascular rehabilitation

Guest: Basile Chaix

Pierre Louis Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health (iPLESP), Paris

Sensor-based investigations of the relationships between the environment, mobility, and health
29.05. Lea Bartsch Neural decoding of working memory processes in young and older adults - An MVPA study