URPP DynAge Research Colloquium

Program Fall 2017

Language: English

When: Tuesdays, 14:30 – 16:00

Where: AND 4.55/4.57

Note: *17.10.2017 LIFE Fall Academy







Svenja Caspers

Connectivity across the scales - from large networks to single nerve fibers



Christiane Jockwitz

Population NeuroImaging: Assessing the high inter-individual variability of brain structure and function in older adults
19.09. Mike Martin WHO – Healthy Aging

Lea Bartsch +

Klaus Oberauer

Using measurement models to analyse age differences in working memory
10.10.* Brian Cardini Exploring the role of opportunity costs in young adults' subjective recovery from physical exhaustion
24.10. Takeshi Nakagawa Daily affect and physical (in)activity in older adults
31.10. Hanna Fechner

Learning to use evidence from working memory: A cognitive measurement model for age differences and changes after extensive practice

07.11. Franz Liem Brain imaging data analysis in the cloud
14.11. Sabrina Guye Working title - The relation between cognitive abilities, everyday life activities and competence

Burcu Demiray

Room: BIN 0 K 11

Conversational Time Travel: Examining the Temporal Orientation of Speech Using A Naturalistic Observation Methodology
28.11. Mirjam Stieger A Mobile Technology-Based Personality Change Intervention - Findings of a Pilot Study
05.12. Jessica Oschwald Working title - Healthy aging trajectories of brain structure and cognition: stability and change
12.12. Laura Luo Verbal activities in situations with cognitive demands
19.12. Tabea Meier

Narratives of healthy aging: Linguistic predictors of well-being