Research Group MUAWO: Media Use and Well-Being of Older Adults

The project focusses on the examination of the dynamic relationship between older adults’ media use and well-being. Specifically over the course of two years we repeatedly assess the daily well-being of 100 healthy older adults (60+) using ambulatory assessment via smartphones. At the same time, we measure their media use using a passive measurement with the so-called Mediawatch of the company Mediapulse AG. The measuring watch covers all distribution channels of radio and TV programs (VHF, cable, satellite, DAB+) which are broadcast live. The recorded audio snippets are reduced to simple series of numbers during digital storage, so that the original sound can no longer be reconstructed and data and personality protection is guaranteed at all times. Internet use is also assessed. The recorded media use is further examined with a content analysis to get a more nuanced picture of genres.

We also examine the moderating role of personality traits and other context variables such as living situation or general manner of media use.

With this research project, we contribute to a better understanding of the interrelation between media use and the well-being of older adults in their daily lives. Moreover, participation in the project itself can have a positive effect on participants’ live and on society as a whole.


Master students:

Alena Birrer
Alena Birrer, B.Sc.
Vera HoferVera Hofer, B.Sc.
Dorina ProbstDorina Probst, B.Sc.