Participatory Research Lab


Planning and execution of participatory research projects within a gerontological context

Based on the already completed papers «Participatory Aging Research at the Center for Gerontology» and «Participatively Developed Guidelines for Good Aging Research at the Center for Gerontology», a manual for the planning and execution of participatory projects will be elaborated and published. Some of its contents have been presented in workshops at the University of Zurich and at the Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin (2017).
Project status: ongoing
Contact: Dr. Stefanie Eicher and Dipl. rer. com. Susanne Nieke



Round table ZULIDAD

The ZULIDAD study was complemented by a Round Table consisting of representatives of relevant stakeholder groups (relatives, practice experts and researchers). The Round Table was involved in strategic and scientific decisions concerning the study: selection of research instruments, interpretation of findings, development of recommendations for action, dissemination. A guideline «End of Life with Dementia» consisting of 11 booklets was prepared and is publicly available by September 2018.

Project status: completed in 2018
Contact: Dr. Stefanie Eicher and Dr. med. Florian Riese



The Zurich life and death with advanced dementia study (ZULIDAD)

Dementia is often not recognized as a terminal illness. In Switzerland, the majority of patients with advanced dementia will die in long-term care institutions, but data on the situation of this patient group was lacking. The ZULIDAD study aimed to close the gap in knowledge by

  • Describing the mortality, socio-demographic and health characteristics of elderly nursing home residents with severe dementia
  • Assessing the quality of life, common symptoms and their management, the quality of care and dying in nursing home residents with advanced dementia
  • Assessing beliefs and knowledge about advanced dementia and their change over time in family members of patients with advanced dementia

The study was carried out in long-term residential care facilities in the canton of Zurich.

Project status: completed in 2017
Contact: Prof. Dr. Mike Martin, Dr. med. Florian Riese and Dr. Stefanie Eicher