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URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging

Associated Research Groups and Professorships

Associated Professors

The primary interest lies in the understanding of the patterns, mechanisms, predictors, and outcomes of personality change, plasticity, and development in the context of healthy aging. The current scientific activities center around research questions with respect to long-term developmental processes and short-term change and stabilization processes. The group is also working on measuring activities in everyday life and in the lab using modern assessment technology and is developing mobile technology-based interventions to change personality. Go to website


Associated Research Group Leaders

CoupleSense: HIER group leader andrea horn

This research group focusses the examination of interpersonal regulation in pair relationships. The interplay between intra- and interpersonal emotion regulation, which is observed in relation to health over the lifespan, is of particular interest. The research is informed through current perspectives on emotion regulation, close relationships, stress response and depression. Another focus is set on the examination of language use, which enables inference about health-relevant parameters in the analysis of real conversations or expressive writing tasks. Methodically, the primary emphasis lies on the assessment via the dyadic ambulatory assessment, which allows the synchronized examination of the variables of interest in everyday life and over time. Besides the subjective experience, also objective data is assessed via Sensing, for example what time the partners spend time with one another. Go to website