The vision of the URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging is to establish and implement novel standards for healthy aging research. Research at the URPP is organized in four overall research areas:

  1. Principles of Healthy Aging
  2. Psychology, Health and Quality of Life
  3. Medicine, Health, and Quality of Life
  4. Translational Health Research

The four research areas of the URPP are shown below together with the core supporting laboratory and scientific management structures (support center).

The research aims of the URPP are to provide evidence for individualized quality-of-life-stabilizing interventions that can be applied in the daily life of aging individuals. To this end, our research program encompasses four approaches:

  • It examines the determinants of healthy instead of ill aging
  • It examines the factors stabilizing instead of declining health
  • It uses an evidence standard for real life instead of laboratory outcomes
  • It emphasizes a within-person perspective that aggregates results on the level of individuals in addition to the population- or sample-level.

In line with this research focus, the Swiss Academies of Sciences have put “real life health outcome measurement” on the national research agenda.

Information on the associated research groups and projects within each area can be found on the following pages. All research groups are complementary to each other, foster fruitful intra-URPP collaborations within and across the four main research areas, and thus contribute uniquely to the overarching vision of a healthy aging research.