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URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging

Medical Quality of Life Research

Research Groups

quality of life in dementia


The main focus of this research group is to understand the process of quality of life-stabilization at the end of life in individuals diagnosed with dementia. Go to projects





multimorbidity management

This research group focuses on drug-drug, drug-disease and disease-disease interactions and their relevance for the management of multimorbid patients (i.e. those with multiple acute and chronic diseases). We pursue two complementary streams of research that use different data sources and research methods. One stream relates to the development of techniques for assessing these interactions and quantifying their impact on health-related outcomes. The other stream uses data scientific methods in order to generate insights and knowledge from complex healthcare data about multimorbidity and to identify ways to improve multimorbidity management. Go to projects


quality of life with age-related chronic diseases

This research group evaluates the burden of chronic disease on quality of life at older age. Specifically, the group examines if and to what extent quality of life is reduced in groups of seniors with hip fractures, osteoarthritis of the knee, falls and sarcopenia. Several research questions will be addressed within these disease groups: Are there differences in quality of life as a function of gender, age, and indicators of functionality within these chronic disease groups? What are possible predictors of improvement of quality of life? Does quality of life recover after functional impairment related to these chronic disease groups? Go to projects

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