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URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging

Tabea Meier

Tabea Meier, Dr.

  • Oberassistentin / Senior Assistant
+41 44 634 58 67
Andreasstrasse 15, Box 2, CH-8050 Zürich
Room number
AND 4.94

URPP Research Group

CoupleSense: HIER - Health and Interpersonal Emotion Regulation

(Head: Dr. Andrea Horn)

LIFE doctoral fellowship funded by Jacobs Foundation

Project Title

Tracking healthy aging in everyday life: Natural language use as an indicator for (dyadic) well-being (working title)

(Internal dissertation committee: Andrea Horn & Mike Martin)

Research Interests

  • Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC): Aktualisierung deutsche Adaptation  & schweizerdeutsche Erweiterung
  • Sprachgebrauch
  • Gesundheit und interpersonale Emotionsregulation

Curriculum Vitae

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