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URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging

Strategic Plan

What are the main aims of the new global network?

During a high-level strategic meeting convened by and at WHO in October 2017 on “Building a Global Research Agenda for Healthy Ageing”, participants decided to foster bilateral collaborations between research institutions and the WHO’s regional offices as well as WHO Headquarters to create a network that would efficiently channel and integrate new initiatives that address knowledge gaps, advance WHO priorities in the domain of ageing and health, encourage innovations in research and application, and strengthen capacity in countries, to follow-up on the Global Strategy and Action Plan (GSAP) on Ageing and Health and create a platform and partnership for a Decade of Healthy Ageing, 2020-2030.

This global network thus includes and connects local, regional, and global level leaders in healthy ageing research and closely collaborates with the WHO to promote and facilitate the implementation of the key issues outlined in the GSAP (

  1. Commitment to action on Healthy Ageing in every country;
  2. Developing age-friendly environments;

  3. Aligning health systems to the needs of older populations;

  4. Developing sustainable and equitable systems for providing long-term care (home, communities, institutions); and

  5. Improving measurement, monitoring and research on Healthy Ageing.

One key focus of the network will be to advance Healthy Ageing metrics and monitoring to measure Healthy Ageing (i.e., intrinsic capacity, functional ability, and environments), as well as care dependency, including the reanalysis of existing data, and through a quantitative multi-country study with new data collection, calibration, as well as innovation studies.

A more detailed overview of the WHO-CC+’ strategic plan will be available here soon.