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URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging

Woman in Big Data Retreat: Coding. Career. Community.

The Women in Big Data Retreat (WiBD) enables motivated young female researchers to further strengthen their analytical skills with regards to Big Data, to learn about various application areas and career opportunities in the field of Big Data Science, and to network with like-minded female researchers. The WiBD takes place in Waltensburg/Vuorz (CH) and is organized by Dr. Jessica Oschwald (Roche Products Limited, UK, and formerly URPP DynAge), Tabea Meier, M.Sc. and Stefanie Lindner, M.Sc. (both URPP DynAge). WiBD is funded by the initiative "Women in Big Data", which is supported by the Swiss National Research Program (NRP) 75 "Big Data" and the "Digital Society Initiative" of the University of Zurich. Further information can be found here.

URPP Dynamcis of Healthy Aging