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URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging

PASEZ Project - Impact of stress on relationship development of couples and children

The PASEZ ("Partnerschaft und Stress: Entwicklung im Zeitverlauf") project examines the impact of stress on romantic relationships and their development over time in a prospective longitudinal study design with multiple age cohorts. PASEZ started in September 2011 as a SNSF Sinergia Project with Prof. Dr. Guy Bodenmann, Prof. Dr. Veronika Brandstätter (future URRP DynAge member), Prof. Dr. Mike Martin (URPP DynAge), and Dr. Fridtjof Nussbeck from the Department of Psychology at UZH. To date, eight annual measurement waves have been completed, with the ninth wave currently underway, and over 200 couples have been accompanied over a period of 10 years. We are very pleased to announce that this project was recently granted a new set of SNSF funds to further pursue its activities. More information about PASEZ can be found (in German) here and (in English) here.

URPP Dynamcis of Healthy Aging