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URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging

Martyna Beata Plomecka, M.Sc. & Dr. Katharina Bernecker were awarded annual Open Science Prizes by the UZH Psychology Department

We are proud to announce that doctoral student Martyna Beata Plomecka, M.Sc. and postdoc Dr. Katharina Bernecker (URPP Dynage and Department of Psychology) received one of this year's Open Science Prizes each of the UZH Psychology Department. Martyna Plomecka received the award in the graduate student paper category for her publication on "Aging Effects and Test–Retest Reliability of Inhibitory Control for Saccadic Eye Movements". Dr. Bernecker received the award in the postdoc paper category for her publication on "Beyond Self-Control: Mechanisms of Hedonic Goal Pursuit and Its Relevance for Well-Being“. More information about the prize and the other awardees can be found (in German) here.

URPP Dynamcis of Healthy Aging