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URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging

Female language style promotes visibility and influence online

In a recent paper that appeared in PLOS One, Dr. Tabea Meier, Dr. Andrea B. Horn, Prof. Dr. Mike Martin (all URPP DynAge) and colleagues were able to show that a female-typical language style promotes the popularity of talks in the digital context and turns out to be an underappreciated but highly effective tool for social influence. This contribution, which relied on the analysis of 1100 TED talks, has received a tremendous amount of attention from researchers, innovators, and the press alike. The journal article can be found here and, to take one illustrative example, an interview by "Westdeutscher Rundfunk 5 (WDR5)" with Dr. Andrea B. Horn can be found (in German) here.

URPP Dynamcis of Healthy Aging